Jane and Martin take the challenge

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Jane and Martin take the challenge

If you've ever been to Botton Village, you'll know it's a steep climb up the bank from Stormy Hall Farm to the top of the dale.

It's great exercise and Sean had the bright idea to turn it into a fun, group fitness challenge. Jane and Martin were among the first residents to have a go.

As everyone assembled for the first 'Stormy Hall Bank Challenge', the weather was looking temperamental, but once the walking began, an atmosphere of cheerful banter prevailed.'

Hip hip hooray

'When you're going up it's the most hard', Jane says. 'I found it easier going down. Kelly was helping me up by saying hip hip hooray.'

Jane, who also goes to Zumba in Botton to keep fit, was hailed as the Star of the Day for her effort and determination to reach the top. In fact, she was one of the first to reach the summit.'

On fine form

Martin was on fine form, too. 'It was easy for me', he says. 'I like walking. I'm fit even with two sticks. I stay fit by walking and going to the gym. As long as I've got my balance, I'm ok.'

He relishes all the walking opportunities near Botton: 'I've done the Cleveland Classic. That's about a 25 mile one.'

He's considering another challenge too. 'I was thinking of raising some money for Botton by walking from Danby to Castleton. It won't be hard for me if I go Danby way. Walking up to there and back down to Castleton.'