Jane makes life brighter

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Jane makes life brighter
Jane makes life brighter

Like most people who live at Francis House in Newton Dee, Jane needs a little extra assistance as she goes about her daily life. In turn she takes great pleasure in making each day that little bit nicer for others.

‘I help in the house’, Jane explains – and everyone certainly appreciates the ironing she does. At nearby Alcoyne House, lunchtimes are tastier because of the puddings she helps to make. Her friend Guy, who’s now in a nursing home, can count on a cheery visit from her every week. And sometimes she’ll sit down at the piano of an evening and entertain her friends with a lovely tune like Amazing Grace or Loch Lomond. ‘My mum taught me to play’, Jane says. ‘She used to be a teacher, and taught me properly.’

Jane also enjoys making special things in the community’s Craft Workshop – from a colourful papier mache flower to brighten up a mantelpiece, to a set of napkin rings for her house.

‘I like helping everybody here’, Jane explains. ‘It makes them happier.’

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