Just like that!

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Just like that!
Just like that!

Thomas lives in the semi-rural Delrow community, but his curiosity stretches far beyond the fields and woods outside his front door.

‘I love comedians,’ he says. ‘Tommy Cooper, Ronnie Barker, Jasper Carrot… even the new ones like Jo Brand and Sarah Millican.
I learn all about their lives by reading books and biographies.’

‘My favourite is Tommy Cooper. He was such a funny man. A massive bloke with hands like bunches of bananas.’

Thomas is very interested in birdlife too; owls are his favourite bird. He is also an expert on classic television series like Kojak and Dr Who. ‘The way I see it, I’ve been on this planet for 43 years, so I think I should know a bit about it,’ he says.

Of course, with all these infl uences, Thomas is a bit of a comedian himself. ‘The thing about comedy,’ he says, ‘is it makes you laugh.’