Lambing time

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Lambing time
Lambing time

It was a busy few weeks on the farm at Larchfield when all of the ewes went into the sheep barn for lambing.

Over 50 lambs were born’, says Dave, ‘and we also had our first ever quads born, that’s four lambs from one ewe! If triplets or quads are born we make the weakest one (or two with quads) a pet lamb which we bottle feed, as it’s best if the ewes only have two so that the lambs get plenty of milk.’

The lambs spent a few days in a pen with their mothers after they were born and then went out to the field when the weather was better and they were strong enough.

Next year our new Teeswater sheep will have their first lambs. But a lot of our sheep are getting old now so hopefully we will be able to buy a few more breeding ewes and a tup (ram) to keep flock numbers up, and start breeding our own replacements for the future again.

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