Larchfield Olympics 2012

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Larchfield Olympics 2012

2012 was a great year, not least due to the Olympics, it gave everyone a sense of pride and involvement that it was being held in this country and we are immensely proud of our athletes and the people that made this such a spectacular event. There is one part that did not get much media attention but was nevertheless an important event to the people who took part which was THE LARCHFIELD OLYMPICS held Sunday  26th August [it is normally held on Bank  holiday Monday but because of the poor weather  forecast the Sunday became the preferred date!).

The opening parade had the various houses parading their flags and singing to the tune of when the saints go marching in accompanied by Andrew on the flute. The flags were displayed so the games could begin.

After the opening ceremony the races began; the first was the obstacle and with so many competitors it had to be run in heats, no suggestion of cheating but a few games makers questioned the line taken by some!

The presentation followed and in true Olympic style Gold, Silver and bronze medals were awarded and because it had been such an important year for our Queen  the national anthem was sung  with gusto accompanied by Andrew on his flute. The next race was the dressing up relay, which consisted of a team who had to put on various items of clothing while running over the course, the winners were not the best dressed but the fastest.

There was a drinks interval where everybody rehydrated and took the opportunity to enjoy the rare rays of sunshine, and discuss some team tactics. It was again back down to the serious business of the competition; including the 3 legged race, where legs were not always working together, along with the egg and spoon causing some dodgy practises trying to keep egg on spoon,  which became a race between the hare and the tortoise, Stephen racing away like the hare but the tortoise of Kenny overtaking because he didn’t have to keep going back  to recover his fallen egg.

All too soon the end had come the races won medals awarded all had enjoyed their Olympics, as we were going to our various homes the heavens opened giving us back our damp summer, but we went home with a warm glow  after good exercise  and having a laugh and chat with our friends. Here’s to the next time we gather