Letting creativity flow

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Letting creativity flow
Letting creativity flow

All kinds of flights of imagination take off at The Studio, our creative hub at Camphill St Albans. Today, Joanna is making Easter cards, Kezia is creating a very tall vase and Louise is weaving with beads. In case you have never heard of bead-weaving, she is happy to fill you in.

‘It’s kind of like normal weaving’, she says. ‘You have a lap loom – it’s small enough to go on a table top or your lap. ‘You get all the colours of beads together that you need and string them
on a thread, a row at a time. At the end of the row you weave the thread around and go back the other way.’

Lovely artworks

At the end, if you’ve got all the beads in the right place, you have a lovely design. Louise and her friends frame the bead artworks and mount them on cards. They’re sold in the gift shop at the Café on the Corner, another of the community’s projects.

Joanna says, ‘We have lots of different themes. In the spring we do lots of beautiful flowers. And there are always birthday cards to make.’

‘I could never get bored of doing  this’, Louise adds. ‘I can do different pictures and make up my own designs.’