Lifting our Christmas voices

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Lifting our Christmas voices

The songs have been practised over and over and over again. It will soon all be worth it though, as family and friends gather to enjoy the St Albans community choir's Christmas concert. 'The parents really do like it very much,' says Sian, who works with the community.

Shared commitment

It's a real group endeavour and shared passion; the choir has around 12 members, committed to regular practice during the run up to Christmas. Even when the only practice space was a chilly, dark and leaky community building, they persisted. Thankfully that building has now gone and is being rebuilt, with the help of friends, into a warm and bright space for the whole community. When finished it will be a lovely place to sing.

'Bright colours shining'

The Christmas concert will be the third time the choir has stood up this year to perform and enjoy the sheer pleasure of lifting their voices together in song. But it will be the first Christmas for Hannah and Katherine, who came to live in St Albans this year. When it’s not Christmas, they both love singing songs from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. 'I like the words,' explains Katherine.