Living at The Croft

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Living at The Croft

Michael came to live at The Croft community, in Malton, at the age of 37. He's now 52 and loves it as much as ever.

Looking back, he remembers how nervous he was at the beginning, and how Charlotte befriended him. 'She helped me settle in quite a lot,' he says. Today they’re still great friends.

Living at The Croft has given Michael the opportunity to take part in lots of different activities.'I like working at the Kingfisher café best,' he explains. Michael is known for his aversion to gardening – and love of cooking. His favourite dish is lasagne. By his own admission he makes the best lasagne at The Croft. His secret? 'Lots of practice.'

Over the last year he has felt confident, for the first time in his life, to go on holiday independently – initially to Scotland, and then to Disneyland Paris. That took practice, too, and support from Tracie. But Michael achieved it and he's very pleased.

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