Mark’s Camphill life

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Mark’s Camphill life

It may be our 60th anniversary, but this year will be Mark's fifth since he came to Larchfield. Come and meet a young man who is happy in his friendships, his home, his work and his life.

Although Mark might seem shy at first, after spending a little time in his company you'll see he's not at all retiring with people he knows. He's keenly tuned in to what's going on and loves to joke around.

His favourite pastimes are dressing up and dancing, and his enjoyment of all the social events at Larchfield is contagious. Our Christmas festivities would not be the same without his exuberance!

Thank you for making it possible

He can also bring fun and mischief to our working lives – as when he turns up for his morning shift on the farm dressed as a cowboy. But more seriously, everyone also appreciates his energy and his skill at rounding up the sheep.

He produces beautiful felt work in our Craft Workshop. And when he's away, he's missed. It's lovely to see his friends welcome him back with a hug.

We're glad Mark has made his life at Larchfield – and thankful to you, our friends, for helping to make it possible.