Mark to the rescue

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Mark to the rescue

Congratulations to Mark, in Botton Village, for his resourcefulness when he spotted smoke drifting underneath the front door of his flat.

Right away he got some towels and drenched them in water. 'I put the towels under the door', he says. 'To stop the smoke. To keep the smoke from coming in under the door.'

Then he telephoned to nearby Martin House for help.

Luckily, the source of the smoke turned out to be nothing more than a forgotten pan of sausages, which a neighbour in the flat next door had left cooking on the hob. Easily remedied! But of course it could have been different if Mark hadn't noticed and done the right thing.

Commended for quick thinking

The local Fire and Rescue service were so impressed by how Mark handled the situation, they decided he deserved a commendation. 

'I went to the fire station at Whitby', Mark says. 'I got a certificate. I sat in the big fire engine. I put a fireman's jacket on. It was heavy. I had the hat on as well.' 

Mark also had permission to do something only firemen usually do: 'I set the siren off. It was very good.'

Good to know

But how did Mark know what to do, when he saw the smoke seeping into his flat?

'I had fire training', he explains. He thinks that knowing how to use a fire extinguisher is important as well: 'I've got a fire extinguisher in my flat.'

Mark is proud to have his certificate. 'I'll have it up on my wall one day. I'm going to have it framed.'