Meet pepsi

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Meet pepsi
Pepsi, a Shetland pony, lives in one of our stables at Larchfield Farm. When she’s not in the stables, mostly she’s out in the field with the sheep. She’s not too bothered about them, but they’re sometimes quite curious about her. 
Pepsi’s kind-natured, relaxed and happy for people to be around. So she’s very popular, which is great because she’s here to be involved and to benefit everyone.
She makes us smile
You can sit with Pepsi and give her a cuddle, but looking after her brings lots of things to do. People enjoy mucking her out every morning and giving her fresh hay and water in the evening. She also needs to be brushed and groomed each day, and to have her hooves looked after.

She makes us smile by neighing hello when we come to see her.

Pepsi works, too. For example, this Spring she brought nutritious oats each day to the ewes who were going to have lambs. She has a harness and cart; Rebecca (pictured above) knows how to put them on.

With a lot of farm animals – like cows and sheep – it’s not possible to get really close. So Pepsi brings a different kind of experience.

We really like having her at Larchfield.