A model opportunity

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Larchfield community
A model opportunity

The well-used recycling bins near the Bakery at Larchfield might not look remarkable – but James sees them differently.

He likes making models using cardboard and paper, and the recycling bins are a source of materials that feed his imagination.

Lately he’s been making fireman’s helmets. Like all his creations they’re held together with tape and glue and then finished with a lick of poster paint.

And after James has completed a model, it often becomes a gift to a friend. Louise, who works at Larchfield and is one of the key supportive people in his life, is the proud owner of several of his pieces. ‘James is very generous, a very caring person’, she says.

Big ideas

Days are full at Larchfield and like most people James has several jobs, dividing his time between working in the community’s farm and garden, and helping out in Aspen, the house he shares with eight others. He enjoys being part of the group and the walls of his room are decorated with pictures of his friends.

Model-making is something he does of an evening or at the weekend as a hobby. When he’s through making helmets, his next project might be a fire engine.