My trip to America

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My trip to America

I went to the USA. First I went to see Julie and Stephen, who used to live in Botton. Now they’re in Camphill Copake, in New York. They like it very much indeed.

‘At Copake they have a Woodwork department, a Candle Workshop and a Store like we’ve got here in Botton. I had a look round and was taking photographs like anything. I saw two birds that were like birds of prey. Like eagles. They were right up in the sky and to my eyes they were very small. 

'It was like the 1812 overture'

‘After that, I went to see my brother Nick and his wife Penny, in North Carolina. I made the trip on my own. A lot of things had to be done – people had to look after me and I had a wheelchair and so forth. And they did it very well indeed. I felt kind of like a very important person. Like the red carpet had been laid down for me.

‘It was quite warm there. And in the evening you’d get storms. If you think it rains here, I think you should go to America and you’d see the difference. It was like the 1812 overture. Flashes of lightning and thunder. It was very dramatic.

‘We went to a market, and saw fruits and vegetables of enormous size. Watermelons, cantaloupes, corn on the cob. Things are so much larger over there. The thing is, it’s a different climate.