New Finlieve is beautiful

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New Finlieve is beautiful
New Finlieve is beautiful

It’s wonderful to be able to tell you the new Finlieve workshop building, at Camphill Community Mourne Grange in Northern Ireland, is up and running. Thank you to all who contributed a donation to the project. Your generosity is so appreciated by everyone, especially those who work in the laundry and the bakery and are benefitting from the new, improved facilities.

‘The laundry is very busy because they wash all the clothes, towels and sheets and all that’, explains Ned. ‘The bakery makes bread, biscuits and cakes for the coffee shop and for the houses.’

Pulling together
Although it was a challenge having a construction site in the middle of the community for months, people pulled together. ‘Everyone was very flexible, and helped to keep the workshops going’, says Carmel, who helped manage the project. Fluorescent jackets and hard hats became the new ‘uniform’ – and the good weather over the summer was not only a great help to the builders, but a bonus for all those who loved watching on as
things took shape. One of the most exciting sights was the big concrete stairs swinging from a very high crane up near the treetops!

The project was even caught on video by residents who were taking part in a film-making course.

‘We saw it getting made and all’, says Ned. ‘Thanks for the money you sent to build it. It is beautiful and we’re very lucky to have it. If you’re down this way call in and we’ll give you a cup of tea and a biscuit.’