New friendships

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New friendships

New friendships are being forged in Stourbridge, thanks to the joining together of our Camphill Houses community and the Berith Foundation.

Like Camphill Houses, Berith was founded to support adults with learning disabilities to establish themselves within an urban setting. We are really excited about all the opportunities that joining together brings. There are all sorts of advantages, from more homes, to more activities, to lots of new faces!

‘There’s more people involved’, agrees Christina, who works in the community’s Cockleshell café, shop and craft centre. In fact, the ‘Camphill Berith Partnership’, as it’s been dubbed for the time being, now includes nearly fifty adults with learning disabilities.

Working together

There’s definitely a buzz at the Cockleshell, where Christina’s experience is useful to those who are learning the ropes. As she says, ‘It’s all about how you treat the customers and all the skills it takes to make them feel welcome, and assist and deal with any problems.

'We do refreshments, little art sessions, children’s birthday parties, and any customer can do a paint-a-pot. People like to do positive, creative and relaxing things’, she observes.

At Ashfield Gardens, Steven and newcomer Ryan are working together ‘like two long lost friends’, says manager Jim. Meanwhile just up the road, Ashfield House is nearly ready to receive a new house community of people with complex disabilities.

We’ll bring you more news soon.