New house is lovely

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New house is lovely

From the ashes of a plan to refurbish a wreck of a building for The Croft Community, a new home has sprung.

We’d like to thank you again, our generous friends, for understanding our need to rethink our original plans for refurbishment and kindly giving us permission to put your donations towards buying a house instead.

After some searching we found just the right one, only a short walk from the courtyard community where The Croft began many years ago. The new house is called Copperfields and its first residents are Andrew and Tom.

‘The first week we were here, we got a letter addressed to “Chopperfields” – that made us laugh’, says Andrew. ‘It’s a lovely house, with a nice sitting room and little garden. It’s in a cul de sac but instead of going the long way round we’ve got a snicket we can cut through.’

‘It’s good because it’s not too far from anything’, adds Tom.

Settling in

Having lived in a large, shared Camphill household for many years, Andrew says he felt excited to move to Copperfields. ‘I just thought it would make a bit of a difference to be more independent. The main thing is that I’m doing more cooking and chores in the house than I used to.’

But for Tom, everything is new. ‘It’s very different because before I lived at home with my parents,’ he explains. He spent time in the community before deciding it was for him, so he moved to Copperfields knowing he’d already made lots of friends. Now there is so much discover. Thank you for making it possible.