A new kind of Botton Farmer

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A new kind of Botton Farmer
A new kind of Botton Farmer

Q: What kind of Botton Farmer doesn’t weed fields,milk cows, or track mud into the house?

A: Our new ‘Botton Farmer’. It’s a cheese!

It tastes mellow and sweet – rather like Gouda. And it’s one of a delicious new range of organic cheeses we’re making at the Botton Village Creamery. Other varieties include the Brie-like‘Honey Bee’, Cheddar-style ‘Stormy Haller’ and the ‘High Farmer’, which has a lovely nutty flavour.

They’re named after Botton’s four farms where our cows live such contented and healthy lives. ‘Making cheese helps ensure we make good use of all the milk the cows give us’, says Alastair, the man at the Creamery helm.‘We don’t buy any milk in. It’s all produced in Botton.

’Most of the cheese – and other yummy things like yogurt – is eaten here too. But there’s starting to be enough to supply other shops in the local area.

They’re all very good.Very good indeed.

Alastair’s a local lad himself; he grew up in nearby Castleton. As a child he spent his summers in Botton and when he finished school was drawn to the Camphill way of life. Then, while living in Germany, he learned the art of cheese-making. ‘The first time I saw a cheese coming out of a mould – that four hours earlier had been milk – I was amazed’, he says.

A busy team

Visitors to the Creamery can look through a window into the production room and see the process for themselves. Alastair, Conrad, Philip,Jane and Rob keep the milk stirring in the vat, the moulds filled, the yogurt on the go and everything sparkling clean.

Taking time and care

Rob helps with one of the most important jobs: washing the cheeses, to keep them in tip top condition while they sit and ripen. ‘One by one you take them off the shelf’, Rob explains. ‘You wipe the tops and sides and then flip them over and do the other side. There are lots of cheeses. It takes two or three of us the whole afternoon.

‘I like my job here very much’, he adds. ‘I’m learning things bit by bit.The first day I came here I was given a sample of each cheese. And they tasted very nice. They’re all very good. Very good indeed. Lots of people come and buy them. You’ll have to come and try some.’

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