New life hatching for Ashfield Gardens

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New life hatching for Ashfield Gardens

‘I couldn’t believe my eyes when the chicks hatched’, says Shannon (pictured below). She is one of several children who’ve enjoyed the experience of raising chickens for Ashfield Gardens, our community garden project outside Stourbridge.

Learning together

People from Berith and Camphill Partnership come to Ashfield to tend the land and learn about gardening.

But sadly they’d lost some of their chickens to a cunning fox.

And so a plan was made – and with her grandfather’s help, Shannon was delighted to have the chance to look after a batch of fertile eggs brought from Ashfield: ‘I thought it would be a good thing to incubate chickens as when I grow up I want to be a zoo keeper.

‘You get to bond with them by turning the eggs and making sure the temperature and humidity in the incubator is right.’ And after they hatched, she spent lots of time giving them a good start in life.

Now, thanks to Shannon, there are seven happy new chickens at Ashfield. ‘It involved a lot of responsibility but it was all worth it in the end’, she reflects. ‘It was amazing!’ 

…and another difference eggs can make

12 year old Tessa McCormack is the proud owner of 13 hens whose surplus eggs have raised a wonderful £350 to date for The Camphill Family.

‘We think the work Camphill does is a necessary thing, so important’, explains Tessa’s mum, Bronagh. The family packs the eggs into boxes with a sticker explaining where the proceeds are going. Then Tessa’s dad, Connor, takes them into work for colleagues to buy.

We’d like to thank Tessa and her family for their egg-strordinary help!