A new way to move at The Croft

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A new way to move at The Croft
A new way to move at The Croft

Moving to music is something lots of us enjoy, and recently some of us have become very fond of the dance and exercise phenomenon that is Zumba!

Maybe you know about Zumba, too? It started in Colombia, but its upbeat rhythms and steps are infectious and seem to have spread everywhere. At The Croft we like it because it helps us build strength, improve coordination and have fun together.

Cha cha cha

‘It’s hard work, but it’s lots of fun,’ says Nicholas. ‘We have to warm up, then stretch ourselves out and then we start. It’s like dancing – we’re all waving our arms about. My friend Richard uses a wheelchair, so he does the exercises sitting down. It’s good because we can all join in.’

Our favourite types of music to Zumba to are Cha cha cha and Greek wedding songs. We also love Laura, our Zumba teacher. She recently had a baby but she taught us until one week before she was due. ‘You’re my favourite class’, she told us, ‘and I can’t wait to get back. I’m missing you all.’