News from friends in Scotland

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News from friends in Scotland

It's been a year since nine people moved into New Dolphin House in Newton Dee community, Aberdeen. Kind friends like you helped renovate it, so we thought you'd be pleased to know the house is fulfilling the community's hopes.

Accesible, tranquil, uplifting

The light, bright atmosphere creates a good feeling the moment you walk through the door. For people who use a walker or wheelchair, like David, the wide hallways and the lift make it possible to go anywhere in the house. And the level terrain in this part of the community means everyone can more easily get out and enjoy a good mix of social and work activities. 

Ready for a new challenge

The next challenge for Newton Dee is to renovate Capella, a house that was built in the 1960s. It has an interesting history – and great potential for the future. Look out for more news soon.