The Ostrich and the Pink Flamingo

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The Ostrich and the Pink Flamingo
A story by Jason Hinchcliffe, Illustrations by Christina Burdett, Residents at Berith and Camphill Partnership.

An ostrich was paddling with all the other ostriches when they saw across the pond a crowd of pink flamingos. The ostrich went to see the pink flamingos. He talked for a long time with one of them; they enjoyed each other’s company that much.

The next day they saw each other again and he showed his feathers to her. The other birds told the flamingo parents about the friendship. They did not like what they heard and told her not to see him again. They said, “We know a very fine male flamingo that is just perfect for you.”

The ostrich’s family heard about the friendship too. They told him they had just the perfect female ostrich for him.

The ostrich went quietly and in the dark across the pond to see the pink flamingo so he could dance the night away with her. They both knew this was a great friendship but that is all it could ever be.

The next day the ostrich and pink flamingo met the partners their parents had chosen. They talked and danced and each felt it was just right.

With great happiness, the ostrich and the pink flamingo got engaged to the partners their parents had chosen. They had a big wedding together near Lake Victoria. They celebrated throughout the day and the night. The End.