Our can-do spirit

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Our can-do spirit
Our can-do spirit

What do you do with an old village grocery store? There was no shortage of ideas at Botton: some wanted to turn it into a space to relax, hang out and watch TV; others asked for internet access; a few suggested a pool table. 

However, before anything could come into the building, a few things needed to come out. Thankfully James, Luke, Lucinda, Anna, Alan and Daniel were all ready and eager to help out and lead the project right from the beginning.

'It was just a mess inside'

'It's been very hard work', says James. And clearing the room was just stage one. Next came the paint; after a group vote, blue and yellow won. It's not just wall colours that get voted on either: 'we've also chosen the flooring together,' explains Anna.

There's still a little way to go and they make sure they keep everyone at Botton informed of what's going on. When some advice or a helping hand is needed, it's just a case of picking up the phone and speaking to someone.

This type of hands-on project is the first of its kind in Botton, but the space created will also be a place where other ideas can be dreamed up and put into practice. This should be helped by the introduction of computers that have been kindly donated by the local Conyners School. Ollie Fishburn, who works in their IT department, has generously volunteered his time to set them up.

If the transformation of the grocery store is anything to go by, we're sure it won't be too long before we're telling you about the other successful projects led by the residents of Botton.