Our friendly wave

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Our friendly wave
Nearly everyone at Botton had a hand in creating a new, welcoming artwork near the entrance to the village.

The wave-shaped sculpture, made up of curvy, colourful glazed pottery tiles, was designed so that everyone could contribute by placing their thumbprint onto it – there are hundreds of them!

'We are all part of Botton'

‘The thumbprints symbolise that every single one of us is part of the bigger picture at Botton’, says Anja, who organised the project. ‘They run through the whole artwork.’

Anja worked with a pottery artist from Scarborough, Katie Braida, to develop the concept and design. ‘Then helpers went round the village to all the different houses and workplaces with pieces of clay, so that everyone could put their thumbprint in’, she explains.

‘We also had workshops where people could come and do thumbprints or help make the bigger pieces.’

'It's nice for people to see'

Martin took part in the workshops and enjoyed getting involved with glazing the thumbprints and the tiles. ‘We glazed them blue, yellow, pink and green’, he says. He thinks the finished sculpture is great: ‘It’s nice for people to see.’

Federico agrees. ‘I like it a lot’, he says. ‘People come to Botton and they enjoy it.’ Federico is really good at working with clay, and helped make the big tiles. It’s satisfying for him to view his handiwork, too, as he whizzes past on the bike he uses to get around the village.


As well as representing our community, the sculpture reflects the changing seasons. A birch hedge peeps through its curves, in harmony with Botton’s natural beauty.

So whatever the time of year people see our ‘friendly wave’, we hope it will look eye-catching, welcoming, and right at home.