Our remembrance

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Our remembrance

We are proud to share with you this Camphill-made memorial to all who fought and gave their lives in the First World War. Crafted in handmade felt by our weavers at The Croft, it's part of a travelling exhibition of commemorative quilts and hangings called Images of the Great War. The show has been touring North Yorkshire and is now at the Royal Armouries, Leeds, where it can be seen until the end of May.

How we did it

'We were asked to put a piece forward, and it just went from there', says Penny, who led the project. 'We made the felt', recalls Jamie. 'And then we wet felted and dry felted. There are soldiers and there are poppies. I did a bit of the fire in the background. And a bit of the poppies on top as well. It was myself, Rosemary, Richard, Paul, Chris and Gareth.' Altogether, it took around 40 hours to create the entire scene with wet felt and then to incorporate the soldiers, using a needle to interlock the fibres when everything was dry.

'A different view'

The team researched lots of different pictures for inspiration. 'We found a beautiful image of soldiers sat arounda campfire, and thought it showed a moment in time for togetherness, peace and forgetting the horrors of the war', Penny explains. 'We decided that was a really different view, so we chose that one.'
Then everyone decided we had to put poppies in as they signify remembrance. That's why we did the poppy field emerging from the flames at the top of the picture. It means they will always be remembered.'