Our talk to the Rotary Club

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Our talk to the Rotary Club
Our talk to the Rotary Club

If you’ve been a reader of Camphill Family Life for a while, you may remember Neil, Botton’s resident mountain bike daredevil, and football-fan Jamie who lives at The Croft. This January, they teamed up to give a talk to members of the Rotary Club in York about what it’s like to live in a Camphill community.

After a delicious lunch at the President’s table, there was a short presentation from Andy Paton about Camphill and the nine communities that you support today.

Then Neil was on. He has lived in Botton for nearly eighteen years, and spoke about his work as a farmer. ‘I told them I’d been helping to move some of the cows from Honey Bee Nest Farm to High Farm,’ he says. ‘Ian, one of the farmers, sprained his ankle so I said I would help.’

‘I liked all the people I met’

Jamie was next. ‘I was talking about what I do in Malton’, he says. ‘About working in the garden and the house where I live with other people. I told them life is good. I liked all the people I met and the Mayor of York who was there too.’

The Rotary Club said the talk was spell-binding and moving. And Neil thought he might have whetted everyone’s appetite for Botton’s famous cheese. ‘I talked about the cheese being on the Paul Hollywood programme,’ he says. ‘I think I might have got some new customers!’