Our Winter Poems

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Our Winter Poems

The North Pole in Winter’ by Sandra

The North Pole in Winter is cold

And the Snowman is covered in snow.

Some people like skiing in it.

And the children like to play in snow.

At the North Pole there are snow dogs And they are pulling sledges.

Out of the snow, they make igloos.

At the North Pole there are polar bears.

Sandra, a resident with our Berith and Camphill Partnership community, wrote this poem about the North Pole ‘because I like the place. I like reading and writing with my friend Keith. We do poems, and we do stories. I like poetry. It’s very good to learn.’

The Earth in Winter’ by Steven

There comes a very cold spell

The light is changing before day.

The sun is coming over the hills

And the mist is rising up and away.

The people are rising from their beds

Because of the start of the new day.

And the Earth is cold

With hard frost.

Steven, who is another member of the writing group, says ‘when I thought about the many years I’ve been a gardener, I wanted to write about what it’s like in the countryside. Would you believe, I’ve been a gardener since I was fourteen? Now I’m in my 50s and I’m not quite rusty yet. I keep my skills brushed up.’