Paul Hollywood’s Pies and Puds visits Botton Village

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Paul Hollywood’s Pies and Puds visits Botton Village

Master-baker Paul Hollywood’s new series Pies and Puds features Botton’s Creamery in the episode which was shown on Monday the 11th November on BBC1 at 3.45pm - catch up with it on iPlayer - Episode 6 ! 

The film crew filmed in the creamery, but also wanted to follow the whole process from cow to table, so filmed milking at High Farm, making cheese in the creamery and eating the cheese at supper in Botton Farm.

Ian Hatcher and Rob Rowland along with Alastair Pearson who runs the creamery went to London for the studio filming with Paul Hollywood who made a pie using organic Botton cheese and organic Botton onions. Rob explains, ‘We went to the place where it all happened, it really was proper, cameras zooming in and everything.   It was like a kitchen with 3 seats at the end of the counter.  Paul Hollywood asked questions about the cheddar, brie and gouda.  He asked me to mash the potatoes for the pie!  Then we ate it afterwards, he gave us a slice each, just on its own, it was very nice indeed.’

If you've missed it, you might be able to catch up with it on iPlayer!

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