Peace Ambassadors give precious gifts

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Peace Ambassadors give precious gifts

As Peace Ambassadors, fourteen people from the Grange community are hoping to spread the spirit of peace and healing wherever they go.

An inspiration to us all

To complete the required training, the group collaborated with two highly-experienced local charities: the Asha Centre, which works with young people to promote sustainable development, international peace and reconciliation, and the Spirit of Peace, which delivers training in peace and community building skills.

Together, they planned and carried out three twelve-week training programmes over a period of four years.

It included playing games that helped them to better know themselves and others, and hosting discussions between people they'd never met, with a view to helping everyone hear and understand each other's point of view.

Each level of progression required reflection, learning and courage.

Sowing little seeds

Angela says: 'To me, peace is like a little seed. You have to put it in the ground, water it, and hopefully it will grow. If I have peace in myself, then it can spread to the rest of the world.'

Jill says: 'Sometimes when people are crying or sad, they come to me for help. We can take care of each other.'

'For me', says Tom, 'it's just to try to spread the word of peace wherever there is discord. There are other ways of dealing with situations.'

Adrian wears his medal when he goes into town, telling people: 'I'm a Peace Ambassador. Please be at peace now.'