People have a fuller life

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People have a fuller life
People have a fuller life

Camphill offers an alternative to mainstream care options for people with disabilities – and to those who work in the care sector too.

For Sarah, who runs the craft workshop at Larchfield Community, being a Camphill employee draws on all her professional skills in a very satisfying way. It combines her background in social work with her creative talents (she used to be a model maker, producing small-scale replicas of everything from architect’s plans to products and props for commercials.)

And it’s a job she feels privileged to do.

Bringing out the best

‘I’d always had an interest in Camphill and had been a supporter of The Camphill Family for many a year’, Sarah explains. ‘So when I saw a job opening at Larchfield I jumped at the chance.’ After spending a year supporting a Larchfield household, Sarah was then invited to fill a vacancy at the craft workshop, which she also gladly accepted. She says ‘I really like helping people to make things with their hands. It’s therapeutic and meaningful as well as commercial. The human relationships and friendships which develop are important too.

‘What I love about Camphill is that people have a fuller life. I just feel it’s a very healthy way of living. I find it very sad if the best can’t be brought out in people. Here, people have a lot more freedom. They are encouraged to be part of things and they have real work to do. It adds up to making somebody a whole person. ‘The work isn’t always easy. But it’s the best job. I can’t believe how lucky I am.’