The Pheonix is rising

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The Pheonix is rising
The Pheonix is rising

With so many of you donating last Christmas towards the new Phoenix Community Centre in Newton Dee, we wanted to bring you an update before the year was out. Thanks to your help, the builders have made good progress – and with a bit of luck and no repeat of last year’s winter weather, we hope to lay the ‘Finishing Stone’ soon.

"Last year we lost six weeks" work because of the snow during December and January", says Simon, a member of the project group. "But things are looking good. The roof is on, and they're very busy doing the internal works."

The dream is coming true

The new Centre will be more easily accessible to all Newton Dee residents and equipped to host all kinds of activities. Having proper space for drama productions, for classes and social groups, and for big community get-togethers is going to be wonderful.

So fingers crossed for a smooth conclusion to this massive, two-year project – and many, many thanks to you, our friends, for all that you’ve done to make it happen. The next update you receive should bring news of a very happy opening ceremony!