Pottery team rises to the challenge

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Pottery team rises to the challenge

Cups, saucers, bowls and plates, in various stages of completion, line the shelves of the Pottery workshop at The Grange community; the variety of skills that people develop here is evident.

In addition to working on their personal projects, people have opportunities to develop their abilities as collaborative team players. And earlier this year, the team carried out what must be their biggest collaboration ever: a commission to make 80 medieval-style goblets and four pitchers for a Game of Thrones-themed dinner and ball.

‘They were wonderful – everyone thought they were really, really good’, says Phil Pembridge, who organised the event, and commissioned the work.

Team effort

Ian, Ben, Charlotte, John and others helped make the goblet bowls. When ready, these were moulded onto a stem, and fired in the kiln.

The glazes were home-made; wood ash from the community’s trees went into making the lovely green colour. Authentic details, like the patterns on the pitchers, were applied using small pieces of clay. It was an exciting and successful project.