Pump up the volume

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Pump up the volume

In their practice room, Mel, Steve, John and Christian have been channelling their inner rock stars. But it's break time so Mel has a moment to explain how their band got started. 

'At Christmas last year, we were all sat round the table in Lily House singing songs, and we got the idea from that', she says. 'We decided we’d form a band because we liked singing along and enjoying ourselves.

'Steve is on drums, John is on bass guitar, Christian's on lead guitar and I'm on vocals. I never thought I could sing. 'But she can. And she loves it when they let rip: 'We have amplifiers so it can get really loud. It's really good fun.'

'People were dancing away' 

They do Yesterday, Johnny Be Good, Three Little Birds, and a song that Mel has written, called Around the Corner. ‘It’s about how you can be feeling really bad but the next day something happens to make you feel better’, she says.

The group have played for their home crowd at St Albans, and also at nearby Delrow community where their music went down a storm: ‘People were dancing away. They said it was really good. It was really nice.' More gigs are coming up. Back to practicing!