The Rest of the World won

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The Rest of the World won
The Rest of the World won

Every two years, celebrities and football legends from England and the Rest of the World get together for Soccer Aid, a charity match to raise funds for UNICEF.

This year, when the two teams kicked off at Old Trafford, a group of four from Oaklands – Victor, Philip, David and Charlotte – were there cheering in the stands.

'We went right out on the pitch'

'It was very good!' says Victor. 'When we got there it was crowded with loads of people. So we sat down and watched the football. We saw Robbie Williams. Olly Murs, he was playing too. And retired football players. I enjoyed it. The Rest of the World won, 4-2.

'We stayed overnight, then the next day we had a tour round the football grounds. I'm not a Man U fan, I support Liverpool, but the others wanted me to go so I did. I found it very interesting. There was a man who showed us round. We went right out on the pitch.'

Philip had a great time too. 'It was really fun. I liked going to Old Trafford. I bought a Manchester United t-shirt while I was there. It has my favourite player, Wayne Rooney, on the back.'