Riding and rosettes

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Anna on horseback
Riding and rosettes

Anna, from our Croft community, remembers the first time she sat on a horse. ‘I was about three’, she says. ‘I was with my mum. The horse was called Lord Snooty.’

From that small beginning, riding blossomed into a special part of Anna’s life. Today, she rides at a school in Leeds. She also goes in for competitions – and has quite a collection of rosettes to show for it.

‘Dressage riding is my hobby’, she explains. ‘At competitions you’re judged on how you sit and how your horse goes. Your boots have to be polished and you have to wear a suit and tie. The judges have sheets and they’re writing on them.’

With a competition coming up this month, Anna is working hard on her routine. ‘Right now I have some new dressage things that I’m practicing’, she says. And hopefully she’ll be on her favourite horse, Symphony: ‘She’s a Cleveland Bay mare, all brown.’