Ringing in the changes

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Ringing in the changes

Two days a week, Shelly volunteers in the café at Taurus Crafts. On other days, she has a paid job in the community’s gift shop, but she feels that volunteering adds even more to her life: ‘I love it because at the end of the day it’s showing what you can do. It doesn’t matter if you’re a volunteer, it just gets you out.

‘I enjoy talking with the customers, doing the drinks, and being positive.’

Check out our new till

The Taurus café is often very busy with people stopping for coffee, lunch, or tea and cake after visiting the centre’s artisan shops and exhibitions. But a new, modern till system is now making the busy times easier for everyone to manage.

It has a touch screen for taking food orders, and prints them out for the chef. Shelly says, ‘You just press, and the food order goes straight though. It’s really good!’

'It's really good'

‘It’s so much easier, agrees Dawn, the café manager. ‘Nobody has to write anything down, so it helps in all kinds of ways.’

A new way of doing things always takes some getting used to, but Shelly and her colleagues rose to the challenge. During the busy summer period, everyone certainly felt the benefit of the changeover; the new till really sped up the process and accuracy of customers’ orders.

Importantly, having this modern touchscreen technology will also enable us to support more people like Shelly to enjoy volunteering, working and training at Taurus Crafts in the future.