The Café on the corner

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The Café on the corner

The colourful and welcoming Café on the Corner is situated in St Albans town centre. Everything on the menu is organically sourced. And with its vibrant, arty atmosphere it’s a lovely place to pop into for a light lunch, or a coffee and a cake.

John, a resident of Camphill St Albans, has worked here since it opened in 2009. He thinks it’s a fantastic place. ‘We get lots of mums with babies, couples and people out shopping’, he says. ‘And builders and workers come for their English breakfasts.’ He really enjoys helping with food preparation and serving customers. ‘It’s a great opportunity to practice work skills’, he says. ‘I look on it as a challenge.’

A taste of Camphill

 ‘It’s a good place’, agrees Joanna. ‘There’s about six to eight of us who work different shifts. We’re all good friends. When things get busy we help each other out.

‘The hot food is done by the manager and café support worker. I help do the salads and take orders. And I’ve been making lots of scones today. A batch of fruit and one of plain.’

As well as providing real work opportunities for Joanna and her friends, Café on the Corner gives customers a taste of Camphill in all its enterprising creativity. ‘It’s definitely a café in itself’, explains Joanna. ‘But we also sell our cards and jewellery. All the money goes back into the charity.’