Rug ‘n’ Roll

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Rug ‘n’ Roll
Rug ‘n’ Roll

At Berith and Camphill, multi talented Harriet is an expert rug maker and also plays wonderful music on her guitar.

‘I like making rugs as presents for people,’ she says. ‘I choose a pattern for them and use lots of different colours of wool. I got into it with a big group of my friends here. We used to sit around the kitchen table with our rugs on a Friday afternoon and sometimes we’d keep going for hours and hours.’

But her talents don’t stop there. Harriet loves playing Christian and Irish music on her guitar. ‘I’ve been playing guitar for eight years,’ she says. ‘Sometimes I play for everyone – like on someone’s birthday, or at the parties we hold to welcome someone new. I’ve played at an old people’s home too. I loved that. It’s so nice to see them clapping and smiling. It means the world to me.’

‘It makes me happy when I’m down’

‘My nan’s not been very well and I like to play my guitar to cheer her up,’ Harriet says. ‘It works for me too! When I’m really sad about something, I make up my own songs about how I’m feeling and then I feel good again. I don’t play those songs for anyone else – they’re just for me.’