Sandra's big step

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Sandra's big step

Thanks to friends who supported the development of our community in Stourbridge, Sandra has taken a first step into greater independence.

Making plans

She previously lived in a shared house, but has now moved into one of the six new flats behind Berith House. They’re all wheelchair-accessible and self-contained

Sandra’s really pleased with her new home and is settling in well: ‘It’s a lovely flat’, she says.

As you might remember, generous friends like you enabled the whole Berith House site to undergo an amazing transformation.

The big house itself provides another four flats, and there’s also Berith Hall, a space for the whole community. It’s being used for all kinds of social, recreational and theatrical activities.

The combination of accommodation and the Hall makes this a really vibrant and sociable mini-neighbourhood to live in – which is nice when you’re just starting out on a more independent lifestyle, like Sandra. ‘It’s a dream come true’, she says.

Thank you for making it possible.