Sandra's big step

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Sandra's big step

Thanks to friends who have supported the development of our community in Stourbridge, Sandra has taken a first step into greater independence.

She previously lived in a shared house, but has now moved into one of the six new flats behind Berith House. They’re all wheelchair-accessible and self-contained.

Making plans

Sandra’s really pleased with her new home: ‘It’s a lovely flat’, she says. With the support of staff members like Lauren, she’s relishing doing her own cooking and other day-to-day tasks.

Plus, next door there’s Berith Hall, a newly-created space for the whole community. It’s being used for all kinds of social, recreational and theatrical activities, making this a really vibrant and sociable mini-neighbourhood to live in – which is nice when you’re just starting out on a more independent lifestyle, like Sandra. ‘It’s a dream come true’, she says.