A shared achievement

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A shared achievement
A shared achievement

For over ten years, your friendship has strengthened Newton Dee and Loch Arthur communities in Scotland.

Thanks to your warm-hearted support, homes and workshops have been renovated. Others have been built from scratch. Most recently, you’ve helped create a fantastic Farmshop at Loch Arthur and enabled Newton Dee’s wonderful Phoenix Community Centre to rise.

The photos here are only a small reflection of what’s been achieved. Please look at them with pride – and wish Loch Arthur and Newton Dee every success in the future. For the time has come for our friends in Scotland to become charities in their own right.

Caring for one another

Caring for and wanting the best for each other is the Camphill way. And that’s the reason for this step. It will remove any difficulties which might arise in future, over the differences in the way that care is now regulated in England and Scotland. And it will enable both communities to respond to their local conditions as Scottish charities.

Here’s to friendship

And fear not. From time to time we will bring you news from the rolling hills of Newton Dee and the bonny banks of Loch Arthur. In the meantime, let’s put another log on the fire and raise a toast in thanks and celebration. Here’s to friendship.