Sharing the light

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Sharing the light

Making lanterns

We begin in November by making lanterns of all shapes, sizes and materials, from willow to clay, to help us celebrate the festival of Martinmas.

A candlelight spiral

On the first Sunday in Advent, we gather in darkness in our community hall, where a huge spiral of greenery is laid out on the floor. 

One by one we each walk along the curving path of this 'Advent Garden', holding a candle, before placing it somewhere in the spiral.

Gradually the hall goes from darkness to illumination, showing how taking our light into the world not only helps us see our own way, but helps and supports others too. 

Each year, new residents, family members, staff and friends join in this lovely experience for the first time. It's always very special.

All aglow

During Advent we’re busy with craft activities so that by Christmas Eve we have plenty of decorations to put up.

As dusk falls, we bring our Martinmas lanterns up to the Hall, and celebrate with a play, carol singing and lighting the first candle on the big tree.

That candle is then used to set every lantern aglow, so that the light can be carried back to every house in Delrow. Happy Christmas!