Sharing what we value

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Sharing what we value
A few months ago, an exciting invitation came to the craft team at Larchfield community. It said Kirkleatham Museum in Redcar was planning an exhibition of artwork and crafts which have had therapeutic benefits during the creative process. Would people from Larchfield like to submit some work?
Learning, discovering, celebrating

In response, the team made a most beautiful exhibit of items. Over 30  woven, knitted, felted, sewn and embroidered items can be seen in the colourful display, representing many therapeutic aspects of craftwork at Larchfield.

These aspects range from learning desired skills – such as using scissors, keeping to time and working as a team – to the sense of purpose and pride that comes from seeing a chosen project through to completion. And of course, there is the satisfaction of creative discovery and self-expression; as Dean says, ‘I like coming to Craft and making things. I love doing the weaving and knitting.’

Using our own materials

Natural local materials feature in all the crafts in the display; for example, Lee used Larchfield sheep’s wool in his felt pictures. ‘I also do sewing, on the sewing machine’, Lee says. He’s developing and using this skill: ‘Lately I’ve been making pinnys, red ones, for Christmas. We’re going to sell them at our Christmas fair.’

Seeing our work

Everyone was thrilled to hear the piece would be in the exhibition, and had a fun day out to Kirkleatham Museum to see it. ‘I was quite excited to look around’, says Dean. Going to see the exhibition gave all those who had contributed to it the chance to come away with plenty of ideas for future projects.

The show runs through to January 2018 , if you’d like to see it too.