Shiver me timbers

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Shiver me timbers

If you'd come to Larchfield on September 19th you'd be forgiven for thinking you’ve travelled back 400 years – because it's International Talk like a Pirate Day.

Stephen, who has lived in the community for several years, really enjoyed his second Pirate Day. 'We all dress up as pirates. I like it, because I think to be not yourself for the day, but a pirate is a good change really,' he jokes.

Pirate costumes

'You can buy them, but if you've got the clothes for it, you do it yourself, which is easy. I got trackie bottoms, a T-shirt, my waistcoat and I borrowed some scarves from a friend.'

Lunch on the high seas

'We have lunch first. We get fish finger sandwiches, which are made on the day.' After that it was time for some sea shanties and dancing. 'We have a two-person band … I don't know where they're from, but they're very good. The man plays the guitar and the lady sings.'

And the best-dressed pirate award goes to...

Competition for best-dressed pirate was fierce, but in the end was won by Chris, who comes to Larchfield during the day to work on the farm. 'My fiancé Debbie came second', says Stephen. As for pirate sayings, Stephen has one in particular that he likes to repeat in a thick pirate accent: '“You scurvy dog!” I said it to Debbie; she just laughed… she thought it was a good accent, actually.'

Just as well: the last thing you'd want to do is upset a fellow pirate!