A sign of beauty

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David and his housemates
A sign of beauty

When David and his housemates returned to Delrow from a little holiday on the Isle of Wight, they brought pleasurable memories of fish and chips and seaside outings with them.

But they also had something gorgeous to show for their time away – a colourful mosaic sign for their house, which they’d made together at the Seahorses Art Studio in Freshwater.

A finishing touch

Depicting St Michael the Archangel with one foot firmly planted on a dragon, the sign provides the perfect finishing touch to St Michael’s House – Delrow’s newest dwelling.

Everyone in the group had a hand in the creative process, which started with loads of sketches and ideas. Then, with the help of Seahorses artist Boris Moscoff, the design was agreed and work began to bring it to life. Like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, it was a fun thing that everyone could work on together, little by little each day.

Much admired

There were many pieces of coloured glass to cut and fix in place. David helped cut and glue down the blue tiles, one by one. Then everything was grouted and polished to a shine – and the sign carried home to take up its place of honour next to St Michael’s front door, to be seen and admired by all.