Sunny times at George Cottage

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Sunny times at George Cottage
Sunny times at George Cottage

On a late summer afternoon in Gloucestershire, the sun glints on the windows of George Cottage. The little dwelling, refurbished a year ago with help from you, our friends, is in a village just a mile or two down the road from our Oaklands community. It’s an ideal home for Adam and Alistair, two young men who want to improve their independent living skills. They’re at home today – so let’s catch up.

Learning to take care

'Now that I don’t live at Oaklands it takes a little longer to get there,' says Adam. 'But that's ok. It's only 15 minutes down the road. I still work on the land and do maintenance with Mike. We get on really well. When the phone rings it might be a light that we have to go fix. Or a leak.

Most jobs we do are between fixing things and moving people. Me, I moved five times until I got to George Cottage. Each time I moved I got better at taking care of myself.

Alistair, who only joined the Oaklands Community a few months ago, says he's still finding his feet. 'I'm still getting to know everyone. But everyone’s made me feel really welcome,' he says.

The lush green countryside of Gloucestershire is certainly a change from where he was before, in London. The support and opportunities here are a relief as his life before hadn't been going well. 'Lots of people don't believe I have a learning disability, but I do,' he explains. For him, George Cottage is about 'starting again, really.'

It’s good to have the chance to learn and grow, amongst friends.