A sweet scene

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A sweet scene
A sweet scene

Our Bakery team at Delrow have a Christmas tradition that literally goes down a treat. Two days before closing the workshop for Christmas they make gingerbread houses – one for each household in Delrow. First comes mixing and rolling out the spicy dough, then cutting it using a template. Then trays of roof, wall and floor-shaped biscuits go into the oven to bake, filling the workshop with the beautiful scent of ginger and cloves.

Irresistible fun

The next day, the team puts the houses together and decorates them. The fun of putting on the icing and sticking on sweets is irresistible to non-bakers too. ‘It’s a massive group activity’, says Adam, who’s in charge of the whole operation. ‘Lots of people drop by to help decorate.’ ‘We use all kinds of different sweets’, says David. ‘I enjoy working in the Bakery, it’s the best job I’ve had in my life’, he adds.

‘Everyone gets a bite’

As a final touch, the name of each house is piped onto the front and they are arranged into a tableau to be admired. Finally, they are carried away to take pride of place as table centrepieces in every Delrow home. Of course, they are eventually devoured. ‘They taste very nice’, says David. ‘Everyone gets a bite.’