Taste our best-loved recipes

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Taste our best-loved recipes

In every Camphill community you’ll find good cooks, from those who are just starting to learn, to those who can really put a meal on the table.

Soon you’ll be able to sample 60 of our favourite dishes – including yummy spiced sausages, fluffy courgette pancakes, wickedly rich chocolate gateau, heavenly diabetic banana nut cake, and many more.

The recipes, submitted by keen chefs across our communities, are to be shared in one lovely cookbook – courtesy of our Learn to lead group at The Croft community.

A delicious celebration

The Learn to leaders dreamed up the project as a great way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Camphill Village Trust this year. ‘There were lots of ideas but this was the one everyone got excited about’, says James, who supports the group.

Since putting out the call for recipes, they’ve been busy sifting and compiling the submissions. Many were sent as copies of handwritten favourites so there’s been a lot of typing needed. ‘All of us are doing the typing’, explains Tom.

They’ve also been considering designs for the book, and arranging for it to be printed at Botton Press. ‘We’ve been to Botton to see what sort of paper and what sort of colours we like’, says Maria Isabel.

When will it be done?

The group hopes the cookbook will be ready by Christmas. Please do look out for further news in your Christmas pack.