Tasty, easy and fun

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Tasty, easy and fun

Douglas likes being part of the healthy eating group. It's a social gathering for people from The Grange and Oaklands. Tasty, seasonal ingredients that have been grown in the communities are used to create simple, delicious food.

It's fun cooking together – and afterwards, everyone sits down to eat and chat.

'We make, serve and eat it'

'It's Wednesday evening, once a month', Douglas says. 'We go to the Coffee Bar at Oaklands and cook there. 'Penny shows us what we're going to do. Then we make it together, chopping the veg, like the carrots and broccoli. And then we serve it and eat it.'

A typical winter menu might include an easy-to-prepare vegetable soup with carrots, potatoes and leeks. And salads are always popular: 'Penny has shown us how to make hummus, a yogurt dip with dill, a winter salad, a carrot salad, and a celeriac salad with toasted pumpkin seeds', says Douglas.

'If you want roasted vegetables, you cut them up and put them in a pan in the oven with olive oil', he adds. Recipes he's really liked include lamb curry, fish stew and Greek salad.'

'A nice way to get together'

'We started the group because people wanted to eat and be sociable together', says Penny. 'Cooking, eating, sharing... it's a nice way to get together.'

And of course it has the added benefit of helping everyone to learn about and enjoy eating nutritious food.

As Douglas says, 'I find it very interesting cooking with Penny and other people. It's very sociable and very nice. And I think I've learned to do healthy eating.'