Thank you for helping to transform Cherry House

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Thank you for helping to transform Cherry House

‘I am happy in my new home’

That’s how Ruth feels about living in Cherry House – formerly The Cottage – in Botton Village. Thanks to your friendship it’s been transformed. No longer small and cramped, it now makes a wonderful home for a whole Botton ‘family’: Ruth, Rebekah, Jonathan, Helen, house-coordinators Margaret and Jeremy, and their two daughters.

Thank you so much for your help

As well as helping us to improve fire safety and get rid of asbestos in the attic, your gifts helped us build two new sections, with great care, onto the original cottage – which dates from the 17th century.

‘It’s very, very good’, says Jonathan of his new home. But why the change of name? ‘It used to be The Cottage in olden times’, he explains. ‘It was smaller then. Now it’s bigger, it’s a house.’

‘I think we called it Cherry House because there are cherry trees near it,’ says Rebekah. ‘It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s a shared house – I share my room with my toys. Some are dragons. There is a stuffed one called Puff and another one I got from Whitby called Bella that holds a crystal in its mouth.’

Room for everyone

‘I like my nice new big room’, says Ruth. A keen birdwatcher, she’s very pleased that there’s a birdtable in the garden. But for Jonathan, the cosy living room is more appealing. ‘Birds are ok’, says Jonathan. ‘But they move too fast for me. I like to relax at the weekend.’