Three cheers for the Dragons' Apprentices

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Three cheers for the Dragons' Apprentices
Three cheers for the Dragons' Apprentices

Hip hip hooray for the sixth formers at Oaklands College in St Albans, who cleverly turned £100 into a £577 donation to our Camphill St Albans community!

Matt, Lucy, Maria and Liam, who are doing their A levels in Business Studies, took on the challenge of raising money for charity as part of a local initiative called Dragons’ Apprentice – which, like its reality TV namesakes, aims to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs to put their skills to the test.

With the help of a ‘Dragon’ mentor, the Oaklands College ‘Apprentices’ invested their £100 start-up money in a variety of fundraising activities, including a FIFA-themed knockout competition.

Rising to the occasion

They were thrilled to reach the final event, which entitled them to donate the money they’d raised to their chosen charity. Alex, who went up to accept the big cheque on behalf of Camphill St Albans, was very pleased to be part of the occasion. ‘The final was held at Hatfield University’, he reports. ‘There were nibbles and drinks and big screens.’

The funds will be put towards renovating the ‘community room’ at Camphill St Albans, which is in dire need of an overhaul. The plan is to transform it into a hub for community meetings and social events.

‘The students said they really enjoyed raising the money’, says Alex. ‘And no one got fired!’